Maximise your business sale price

You also get access to a valuation model to value your business.

This course outlines a business sale framework for you to follow when preparing to sell your business so that you can get the best possible price. You will also get access to an excel business valuation model where you can enter your financial information and obtain a notional value of your business. This model will help you to gain a better understanding of what is driving the value of your business so that you can focus in the right areas.
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Valuation model included

This course doesn't just teach you how to increase the perceived value of your business, but also provides you with an excel model so you can regularly value your business!

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Benefits of our valuation model

Understand the notional value of your business without spending thousands of dollars

  • Save money

    If you are interested in knowing what your business is worth but don't want to spend thousands of dollars for a valuation then enroll in this course and you get access to a valuation model for free.

  • Save time

    This valuation model will provide you with a reliable value of your business within 10 minutes. You can even project what your business would be valued at based on next year's financial forecasts.

  • Value drivers

    This valuation mode will help you understand what drives the value of your business so you can then focus on improving the areas that will add additional value.


Included in the price is 6 months access to the course content plus an excel valuation model.

  • $297.00

    Course: Preparing your business for sale ~ 3 hours to complete

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Our framework provides you a step by step guide

We teach you the steps to follow to best prepare your business for sale to maximise the price you receive upon sale.

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Course outline

  • 1
    Welcome to the course
    • Welcome message
    • Before we begin
  • 2
    Business sale framework
    • Introduction the framework FREE PREVIEW
    • 1. Planning for the sale
    • 2. Make yourself redundant
    • Process Classification Framework
    • 3. Business relationships
    • 4. Business refinement
    • 5. Business financials
    • 6. Prepare a buyer's information pack
    • Sale considerations
    • Due diligence process
  • 3
    Business valuation model
  • 4
    Next steps
    • More resources for you
    • Preparing your business for sale guide
    • Before you go
    • Final note

Short course

For professionals that have limited time but want maximum benefit!

This is a short course that will take approximately 3 hours to complete. It was created by highly accomplished professionals whom are Chartered Accountants and one whom in an internationally recognised professor. This course was built to provide a guide to owners on what they need to do to prepare their businesses for sale. In addition, we have also developed an excel model that can be used to provide a notional value of their business.
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  • John Watson

    Senior Instructor

    John Watson

    Credentials: FCA PHD MCOM Bio: John worked as a professor in the business school at UWA for 40 years. His primary research interests were in accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship (in particular, SME performance evaluation and measurement). John has published numerous articles in leading international journals with his research cited in over 4,000 publications. John is now helping business owners to better understand the key concepts associated with analysing business performance and the importance of strategy development.
  • Sam Watson


    Sam Watson

    Credentials: CA GDAF BCOM(HONS) Bio: Sam's focus is on providing advice to businesses to help them understand the relationship between key financial performance metrics and changes in business value. Sam’s ultimate goal is to help owners increase the value of their businesses by helping them to better understand the key drivers of financial performance; with a focus on data analysis, process improvement, strategy development and leadership.