Short online courses

For professionals that have limited time but want maximum benefit!

Most of our courses are short courses that will take between 2-3 hours to complete. They have been created by highly accomplished professionals who are Chartered Accountants and one who is an internationally recognised professor. These courses are built to provide professionals with knowledge, skills and practical tools that will help save time, effort and money.
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Templates & Models Included

Our courses don't just teach you theory, we provide templates and excel models to help you implement what you learn straight away!

Benefits of our courses

Our goal is to help businesses improve their performance

  • Practical

    We developed these courses to help provide solutions to problems in the work place; many of which are due to a lack of skills and/or knowledge concerning various issues. Therefore, we have developed quality content and tools to help bridge various potential knowledge gaps.

  • Affordable

    We want all businesses to thrive so we have developed these courses to help businesses do just that. However, we also understand there are many cost pressures in today’s business environment and so we have priced our courses at highly affordable rates.

  • Accessible

    We know how busy everyone is these days and most professionals have limited time to spend on learning - so we have deliberately made our courses short, but packed full of quality content that is accessible on all devices to enable you to learn at anytime and anywhere.

Invest in yourself

The key to success is to keep educating yourself. Our courses are designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to improve performance.


  • John Watson

    Senior Instructor

    John Watson

    Credentials: FCA PHD MCOM Bio: John worked as a professor in the business school at UWA for 40 years. His primary research interests were in accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship (in particular, SME performance evaluation and measurement). John has published numerous articles in leading international journals with his research cited in over 4,000 publications. John is now helping business owners to better understand the key concepts associated with analysing business performance and the importance of strategy development.
  • Sam Watson


    Sam Watson

    Credentials: CA GDAF BCOM(HONS) Bio: Sam's focus is on providing advice to businesses to help them understand the relationship between key financial performance metrics and changes in business value. Sam’s ultimate goal is to help owners increase the value of their businesses by helping them to better understand the key drivers of financial performance; with a focus on data analysis, process improvement, strategy development and leadership.